Whatever we create at ET ACRI, we do so consciously.

When designing, we’re thoughtful of our users’ needs, but also the health of our planet and the wellbeing of the people who we work with. To ensure that we are acting responsibly towards the planet and the people who make ET ACRI products, we have the following sustainability guidelines.


We aim to produce in a way that only affects the environment and the people working with us in the best possible way. Our items are designed in Sweden and produced within Europe which allows us to stay in control of the whole process. We’re careful to check our suppliers to ensure they also take positive steps to protect planet and people.


To reduce the negative environmental effect of transport, we supply material from the closest and best suppliers, ensure production and stock is located in the same place to remove unnecessary transportation and we climate compensate any transportation services used through investments in renewable energy, conservation of standing forests and investment in energy efficiency.


We aim to ensure that our working materials are fully recyclable.

Marble or stone
A stone breaker will give the stone new life

Can be recycled to 100%, leave at recycling station. No net carbon dioxide supplement.

Can be recycled to 100%, leave at recycling station.

Send back to us and we will get it to the manufacturer who can use it in other products, contact to get a recycling bag.

Can be recycled to 100%, leave at recycling station.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our production is kind to the environment and fair for our workforce. We monitor our manufacturers’ impact on the environment and employee standards. 10% of our revenue are donated to organisations that makes important impact in the world.

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