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A knife block that is an aesthetic addition to the countertop. Two sizes, with or without honing function and three different colors of leather to be the perfect match for your kitchen. We bring a range of stylish vertical knife blocks to the market that can actually help increase the lifespan of your knives by protecting and keeping them sharp with every use. An optional built-in honing function adjusts to the knife’s edge to keep them sharp without removing material, hence, remarkably increasing the lifetime of your knives.


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Black, Dark brown, Natural


The unique feature of a built in honing function is based on profound knowledge of knife care and developed with experts on knife sharpening. Every time you use your knife the edge is bent to its side, hence, the sharpest part of the knife is not in use. This gives the feeling that the knife gets dull quick and needs sharpening, although, sharpening removes material and reduces the lifespan of your knives. The honing function is adjustable to suit bevel angles from 10-30 degrees, aligning the edge back into a central position without removing material every time you insert and remove it from your knife block. The result is a knife that stays sharp for a long time with a decreased need of sharpening. Read more about sharpening and the honing function under Products.


  • Material:Oak – Untreated oak
  • Treatment: Untreated, can be treated with oil or polish for a darker or shinier finish
  • The materials we work with are natural materials with unique looks, one will never look the same as another. We feel that the life in natural materials are unparalleled and the beauty they add to your kitchen is hard to exceed.
  • The top is made out of leather to ensure safety for your knife’s tip. You can choose your cover in the following colors to go with your choice of block material: • Black • Dark brown • Natural.
  • The design is simple and constructed to be stable standing against a wall or free on the countertop.


We work with a modular system built in to two sizes of knife blocks, the small version fits 4-7 knives and large fits 6-10 knives. By adjusting the separators inside the block you can find the ultimate setup for the knives you already have.

  • Large fits 6-10 knives and a blade length of 26 cm (10,2”). Measurements: length 446mm, height 260 mm, with 55 mm.
  • Small fits 4-7 knives and a blade length of 24 cm (9,5”). Measurements: length 336mm, height 240 mm, with 55 mm.