Your knives are your most important kitchen tool. Part of your everyday – from lavish dinner parties to grabbed breakfasts. With a little care, your knives can last a lifetime. That’s why it’s important to keep your knives within reach, well protected and beautifully displayed.

A knife is at its best when the edge is as sharp and straight as possible. With every use, the blade becomes unevenly worn. It is recommended to hone your knives after every use, something we think few home and even professional cooks do. ET ACRI knife blocks does this for you, on your countertop.

Caring about your knives and learn the right way to hone them can help them last a lifetime. Honing your knives does not remove material whilst sharpening can remove up to 3 mm of your knife’s edge. The honing function is adjustable to suit bevel angles from 10-30 degrees, aligning the edge back into a central position without removing material every time you insert and remove it from your knife block. The result is a knife that stays sharp for a long time with a decreased need of sharpening.

ET ACRI. Yours, and sharp.

Keep your knives sharp

Our knife blocks can keep your knives sharp by honing them with every use. A knife is at its best when the edge is as sharp and straight as possible. With every use, the blade becomes unevenly worn. If you choose the built-in honing function the edge will be moved back to its original position every time you use your knife block. The honing function automatically adjust to suit the knife’s angle to fit all your knives.


Stone, wood, concrete…

Design is not an afterthought – everything ET ACRI does is as beautiful as it is functional. Our knife blocks come in a variety of materials including:
• Black, green and white marble
• Swedish green marble
• Limestone
• Oak and ash
• Concrete
We work with natural materials and admire the variation inherited in the material, hence, your block is unique and adorn your kitchen as never seen before.



A modular knife space that can be adjusted and removed to suit the width of any knife. You choose how many knives you want to fit in your knife block depending on the size of your knives and easily move, add or remove the included modules to optimise it for your need.


ET ACRI knife blocks comes in two sizes for different needs.
• Large fits up tp 10 knives and a blade length of 26 cm (10,2”).
• Small fits up to 7 knives and a blade length of 24 cm (9,5”).

…and leather.

The top is made out of leather to ensure safety for your knife’s tip. You can choose your cover in the following colors to go with your choice of block material:
• Black
• Dark brown
• Natural
We work with Tärnsjö Läder because the aesthetic of vegetable tanned leather is unparalleled and the patina that it develops with use over time cannot be produced any other way. It is also the only way to produce premium leather of desired quality while at the same time respecting our environment.